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Enjoying the Value of a Good Laugh Featured on

Seton Williamson program promotes the health benefits of happiness.

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New Heart Valve Clinic at Seton Heart Institute Featured on

The new heart valve clinic at the Seton Heart Institute offers the latest minimally-invasive procedures with various specialists all under one roof.

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One Austin man and five of his relatives now have the chance at a much healthier life thanks to the genetic disorder revealed only through a cardiac MRI.

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Patient’s 27-Year Walk Around the World

Lakeway resident Ike Herrick was 50 years old when he suffered a heart attack while working overseas in Indonesia as an oil and gas exploration consultant. He was overweight, had a cholesterol reading of 270 and a scary family history of heart disease.

Thus began his long journey to better health – 24,901.55 miles to be precise, which is the distance around the world at the Equator.

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As Clock Ticks for Patient’s New Heart, a Race to His Front Door

“The first thing I heard when I woke up was ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump,” said heart transplant recipient Roger Browne, thumping his right hand against his chest as his eyes welled up with tears.”

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Meet the Doctor: Seton Williamson’s medical director of cardiology

“With a family eager to move back to Texas from Colorado, Dr. Michael Lenis joined the cardiology medical staff at Seton Medical Center Williamson in 2010.”

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EMS gets vital new heart monitors

“Heart issues are the leading cause of death in Texas, accounting for nearly a quarter of all deaths. Now, Austin-Travis County EMS has 79 new state-of-the-art cardiac monitors in every ambulance and command car in their fleet.”

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Seton Kingsland rises from ashes

“Seton Kingsland Healthcare Center finally had its grand opening Thursday after a fire that destroyed the building site caused a one-year delay.”

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CT Scan My Heart?

What is this Heart Healthy CT? How many possible tests can there be for my heart? It is getting a bit confusing trying to navigate the different tests from ECGs (or is it EKG?), to echocardiograms and stress tests.

Well, the Cardiac CT or Calcium score can provide very helpful information, especially for women. This test takes about 5 minutes. They do a CT Scan (aka Cat Scan) of the heart. We can not see all of the blood vessels completely during this quick scan. However, the computer can calculate the amount of calcium that has built up in the arteries …

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New dissolving stents help patients with artery blockage

“It’s not the first time Nancy Nalley has walked Seton’s halls. Last time she was there, she had two stents put in to help her heart.”

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Clinical Trial Testing Disappearing Device for Heart Disease Treatment Conducted at Seton Heart Institute

“Have clogged arteries going to your heart? A local institute is participating in a clinical trial involving a new device that opens a blocked vessel, restores blood flow – and then dissolves and disappears over time.”

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ECMO machine one of many new tools at expanded Seton

“A massive renovation means a new era in healthcare at Seton Medical Center in Central Austin. The city’s largest hospital showcased the $48 million additions to the intensive care, intermediate care, and cardiology units Tuesday.”

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$48 Million SMCA Expansion Increases Access to Complex Medical Care

“The latest phase of Seton Medical Center Austin‘s $48 million investment to enhance complex care programs is complete and will start accepting patients tomorrow, Sept. 11.”

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Seton Medical Center unveils newest expansion

“On Sept. 10, Seton Medical Center celebrated the completion of a 57,000-square-foot expansion that doctors say will have multiple benefits to patients and the community at large.”

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Seton offers affordable patient heart testing

“The Seton Heart Institute is offering a $49 Heart Healthy Computed Tomography Scan to test patients’ risk level for heart disease and strokes at its Round Rock, Central Austin, Southwest Austin and Hays County facilities.”

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